This is the online home of community members, parents, teachers, students, and educators who understand that charters depopulate and defund existing public schools. Especially after the teacher strikes of 2019 in Los Angeles and Oakland, more and more people understand how paying for one-and-a-half school systems with the same pot of money that used to pay for a single public education system has not led to good results.

More people see the growth in charter school corruption and want to do something about it. This movement is about taking back local control of schools for the benefit of the immediate communities, families, and students where public schools are located.

Charters Drain Funding

Charter schools defund existing public schools. In the Public Interest’s study shows that

  • Charter schools cost Oakland Unified $57.3 million per year. That’s $1,500 less in funding for each student that attends a neighborhood school.
  • The annual cost of charter schools to the San Diego Unified is $65.9 million.
  • In East Side Union, the net impact of charter schools amounts to a loss of $19.3 million per year.

Read the study here:

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Charters Breed Corruption

If in California alone between $80 and $100 million per year is lost to waste, fraud, and abuse by charter school operators, where does that leave the families that relied on charter schools? Or school districts who lose funding when K-12 funds follow the child out of a district school and into a charter?

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Read this important report by the Center for Popular Democracy, ACCE, and Public Advocates to learn how we can return public funds to the public institutions they were intended for — the transparent, accountable, and publicly overseen schools that belong to every community in the state.

Then join our movement!

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Not in California? Read this national report on charter school fraud and mismanagement, downloadable here.

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Lawmakers, please pass strong charter accountability bills for the 2019-2020 legislative session! These include AB 1505, 1506, 1507, 1508.

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Strong Transparency, Accountability, Local Control for Charter Schools

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